Saturday, September 3, 2011

Zoo day

We decided to brave the 105 degree temps and head to the Fort Worth Zoo before school started for Ryleigh and fortunately for us, there was hardly anyone there! Here is a cute video of Ryleigh playing with this cute penguin. I'll spare you the rest of the pictures as Ryleigh was the official photographer at the zoo and took a LOT of photos of the animals and a few of herself. It was an awesome day with my babies.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


I will NOT miss you!! I'm really hoping this will be the last week of temperatures in the 100's. It was a brutally hot summer which kept us inside for the most part. I even had to tell the kids way too many times that it was just too hot to go swimming.

Today my sweet little man started his mother's day out program. He will go Tuesdays and Thursdays and I know he is going to love it. It's the same program that Ryleigh did at 4 and 5. He's just starting a bit earlier in the Little Lambs class.

Here is Mr. Carter Man this morning on his very first day of school. He was very excited! And so was Mommy cause now I can update my blog and do other random stuff around the house that needs to be done, you know, the fun stuff, like cleaning, going through old mail, making phone calls, etc.

 Speaking of first days of school, here is Ryleigh last week on her first day. The charter school we had her enrolled in made some big changes that we just weren't comfortable so we ended up there for only 1 day. I never thought that my children would ever be in private school but here in Texas our education system isn't what I expected. We are ranked 47th in the nation and getting worse now that our great governor cut about $8 Billion in education funding. Soooooo, Ryleigh has a new school and I understand now that God put here there for a reason. She is doing well and has a very small class size. Ryleigh needs a "family" environment where everyone knows each other so we all think this is a perfect fit for her. So far she loves it and is learning sign language and Spanish along with her other core classes. One thing I really love about the school is that they have service projects once per month where they go visit a local nursing home, teach the residents how to make a certain craft or project and build relationships with them. Ryleigh definitely has a service heart and I want her to know how important it is to serve others selflessly.

More posts and news to come!