Thursday, June 30, 2011

Flips and Stuff

 We like to do flips in swimming pools. Ryleigh is doing front flips off Josh and Carter is just a crazy little man who has no fear of the water or being under the water. Love my little fish.

A random moment of sweetness between the two. Mommy has been working very hard to get these two siblings to play nice but the age difference makes it difficult. Ry doesn't want to play Carter's "baby stuff" and Carter ruins her things by coloring all over them, etc. You, know, regular things like that. 
Thought I would throw our Easter picture in the mix.

We leave in the morning for our summer vacation! First we are driving to Kansas to attend a wedding and see some family. From there we will drive up to Mn for the week! I am so excited to get out of this heat for a few days and see our friends and family. There are lots of new babies to meet and most everyone has yet to meet Carter. Jess is coming with us also so the backup in the car will be nice. Let's hope Carter does better on this trip than he did 2 Thanksgivings ago. I can't handle 6 straight hours of screaming again! I am armed with DVD's, books, and snacks. I hope they work.....

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