Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Carter is 2!!

April 29th my sweet, crazy baby boy turned 2. What a blessing he has been. He loves the Wiggles like his sister did, loves to read, sing, wrestle with his Daddy, RUN, swim, and anything to do with animals.

For his birthday we decided to do a little family trip to Glen Rose, about an hour and a half from home, and experience a wildlife park called Fossil Rim.

                             Josh didn't ge tthe memo that it was wear green day.......
 Ready to go!

It was so much fun. You drive around this park, filled with animals and you can feed them or just drive through and look. Of course we chose to feed them and it was great. The ostrich put their heads right in our windows and the other animals would eat right out of our hands. The park says not to do that because the animals will bite and they were right, a zebra mistakenly thought one of Carter's fingers was a food pellet and bit him. Ryleigh got to drive at the end and I think that was her favorite part.

We had a great day and will definately go back again!

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