Thursday, June 30, 2011

Flips and Stuff

 We like to do flips in swimming pools. Ryleigh is doing front flips off Josh and Carter is just a crazy little man who has no fear of the water or being under the water. Love my little fish.

A random moment of sweetness between the two. Mommy has been working very hard to get these two siblings to play nice but the age difference makes it difficult. Ry doesn't want to play Carter's "baby stuff" and Carter ruins her things by coloring all over them, etc. You, know, regular things like that. 
Thought I would throw our Easter picture in the mix.

We leave in the morning for our summer vacation! First we are driving to Kansas to attend a wedding and see some family. From there we will drive up to Mn for the week! I am so excited to get out of this heat for a few days and see our friends and family. There are lots of new babies to meet and most everyone has yet to meet Carter. Jess is coming with us also so the backup in the car will be nice. Let's hope Carter does better on this trip than he did 2 Thanksgivings ago. I can't handle 6 straight hours of screaming again! I am armed with DVD's, books, and snacks. I hope they work.....

Thursday, June 16, 2011

 Some summertime fun planting.....
 And in a week......
 Carter has sunflowers....
Ryleigh has marigolds and another missing tooth. This time on top! I personally think she looks adorable without it!

Out with the old...

 Ryleigh's last day of Kindergarten
Ry and her wonderful teacher Mrs. Titus

I can't believe it's done already. And in that same breath, I'm glad it's over. Ryleigh's Kindergarten year was an interesting one. Josh and I learned a lot as parents of a school age child and Ryleigh learned a ton. She is reading at almost a 2nd grade level. We are so proud of her! It was also a rough year in terms of school mates. The interactions at school were disappointing to say the least. Unfortunately, many of the kids attending the school have parents who aren't very involved in their lives. And now, after moving to this specific house for the school, we are pulling her out and putting her in a charter school next year. You live and you learn, right?! Her new school is state funded but run like a private school. It is the first year it will be open and there are only 300 kids K-9th so it will be a big change for Ryleigh who came from a school with 6 kindergarten classes. But Josh and I are confident it will be a good change. She is now excited too after learning that several of her friends and neighbors are also leaving the school and going somewhere new. The school is very focused on technology and hopefully more focused on values rather than standardized testing, which I think is ridiculous, horrible, and a huge waste of time and energy. So that in a nutshell is what Ryleigh will be doing this fall. Out with the old and in with the new! 


One of my favorite things to do all year. We headed down to the Trinity River bank in Fort Worth to check out Mayfest, eat turkey legs, shop, look at art, and do all of the FREE kid activities. Love these family days together. Ryleigh loved the trampoline, Carter, not so much. Maybe next year he will appreciate it more.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Carter is 2!!

April 29th my sweet, crazy baby boy turned 2. What a blessing he has been. He loves the Wiggles like his sister did, loves to read, sing, wrestle with his Daddy, RUN, swim, and anything to do with animals.

For his birthday we decided to do a little family trip to Glen Rose, about an hour and a half from home, and experience a wildlife park called Fossil Rim.

                             Josh didn't ge tthe memo that it was wear green day.......
 Ready to go!

It was so much fun. You drive around this park, filled with animals and you can feed them or just drive through and look. Of course we chose to feed them and it was great. The ostrich put their heads right in our windows and the other animals would eat right out of our hands. The park says not to do that because the animals will bite and they were right, a zebra mistakenly thought one of Carter's fingers was a food pellet and bit him. Ryleigh got to drive at the end and I think that was her favorite part.

We had a great day and will definately go back again!

So proud of my Boo and my Bestie Sis!

Josh and Jess
                                                   Ryleigh, Jess, Ciera, and Kristi

After months of training for their first half marathon, The Rock and Roll, Dallas, Josh and Jess accomplished their goal. I could not be more proud of them and also my sister in laws Kim and Laura who participated. It was so awesome to know that we had many family members supporting each other to finish the race. Ryleigh and I went down to cheer them on as they crossed the finish line but unfortunatly the finish line was hidden from us. Not the greatest set up but glad we were able to go see them after they finished. Up next, a FULL marathon at White Rock Lake!

Daddy/Daughter Dance

So this fun little night happened about 5 months ago.....slightly behind on my blogging I would say. But how cute is this? Ryleigh told Josh when they were driving home that it was the best night of her life. They had a limo ride, a baked potato bar, and danced for about 2 hours! Ryleigh danced with some girls from school and Josh hung out with the dads. I love when they get to do fun bonding things like this, just the two of them. Ryleigh's favorite dance is the electric slide and the "cha cha slide", in case you were wondering.