Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Saving Grace

These tubes of butt cream have been my saving grace lately. My sweet friend Tammy let me take one home after telling her about Carter's poor bottom and I became hooked. It's the only thing that clears him up and doesn't burn (Desitin creamy is the WORST, do not buy it for your babies or your loved ones!)

Over the Christmas break he had a horrible time, I don't know what it was that he ate that made his bottom so red but it was bleeding at times, which broke my heart. One thing we did discover is that grapes do not agree with Carter and too much fruit (the only thing he LOVES) is too acidic for him. So I've had to really adjust his diet and make sure he's not getting anything with eggs and nothing too acidic.

So there, if you have the problem that we are faced with or know someone who does, I highly recommend this PINXAV (pronounced pink-salve). I got mine online, now go get yours!

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