Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011

Keeping my tradition of having never made a resolution for the new year, I didn't make one this year either. I honestly think they are a little bit silly. If I am thinking that I need to change something about my life or myself, I'll go ahead and try to change it that day, not when the new year comes around. And, when I don't quite make it that day, I will try not to beat myself up about it and just try harder the next day. But that's just me.

I do have a list of things I am going to try to accomplish daily. Here goes:

1. I will try to be more patient with and speak to my family in a loving way.

2. I will try to be more patient and loving with my BIG kid, my challenge.

3. I will try to not pass judgement on others, even when I am disappointed by them.

4. I will stand up for my beliefs and morals, even when it's uncomfortable.

5. I will accept that I cannot change the actions of others, I can only control the response I give.

6. I will take responsibility for my actions.

7. I will try to enjoy all of the precious moments I have with my children and family, remembering how truly blessed I am!

Here's to a great 2011. Happy New Year.

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