Friday, January 28, 2011

Picture Find....

Somewhere in this picture there's a baby sleeping, can you find him?

Ahhhh, There he is!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I go downstairs for 3 minutes to put in a load of laundry and he's sitting in the sink, water on, brushing his teeth, and squirting soap everywhere.

UGLY Sweater Party!

For Josh and Jess's 31st, we had an ugly sweater party at the house. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What did you do?

To celebrate MLK day, Josh took the day off and we went to our first Rodeo in Texas at the annual Stock Show in Fort Worth, called the Cowboys of Color. That's not a joke. That is what it was called. And, it was awesome! The kids did the rides, we walked through all of the buildings full of horses, cows, goats, and other interesting livestock. I seriously want to own a farm, maybe a goat farm to sell goats milk and goat soap...but I need about 10 more kids to help out on the farm. But seriously, I would love to live on a farm, I think I was supposed to but I was misplaced in Minnesota in the suburbs during my childhood. I really do love the idea of the simple life, not that I think it's simple, it's hard work, but the simplicity of the lifestyle is something that I am totally attracted to. Enough of my ramblings, here are some pictures from the day.....

 Did you know that dairy cows are HUGE? And their bones stick out like this because all of their fat goes straight to the utters to produce the milk. So, the skinnier they look, the more milk they produce. Pass it along.

         Ryleigh is weaving....Grandma will be proud to see this picture!

Buying tickets to the stock show also got you into the museum of science and the cowgirl hall of fame (which we skipped) so the kids (and Josh) were able to play a bit too!

        Ahhhh, my dream, someone else doing the grocery shopping.
                                                       Sitting in a dinosaur print.

When left alone...

Carter has just enough time to run into mommy's room, open her bedside table drawer, dig his finger into mommy's lip balm and wipe it all over his face. When approached by his mommy (who was only wiping down the chair and tray after lunch, approximately 25 seconds or so) Carter yells, "I eat it Mommy! Yook (look) I wipe it on my face!"

This time, not left alone, well sort of, sitting in the "art room" (the closet under the stairs) with his sister, Carter decides to color all over. "Yook Mommy, I color on my arms!"

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Favorite 3

New Year's Eve also brought a short trip to Six Flags. We did the usual, find the stand for the turkey legs so Josh and Ryleigh could share in the salty, nasty, slimy, (yes, I think they are nasty) fried leg of a turkey (if that's really what it even is), headed over to Loony Tune Land for the kid friendly rides, and waited in some pretty short lines, which was nice for a change. (How did ya like that for a super long run on sentence?) It was fun this time cause Carter could ride a few and actually "got" it.

So these are my 3 favorite pictures of the day, and these, are my 3 favorite people in the world, and these 3 smiles make me completely melt and make me feel oh so blessed. I adore my favorite 3.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Did it

I finally took the poor boy to get his first haircut
Looks pretty torturous huh? He had to sit in a car, watch Blues Clues, and play.
         And when we were all done....our curls were even more curly!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Saving Grace

These tubes of butt cream have been my saving grace lately. My sweet friend Tammy let me take one home after telling her about Carter's poor bottom and I became hooked. It's the only thing that clears him up and doesn't burn (Desitin creamy is the WORST, do not buy it for your babies or your loved ones!)

Over the Christmas break he had a horrible time, I don't know what it was that he ate that made his bottom so red but it was bleeding at times, which broke my heart. One thing we did discover is that grapes do not agree with Carter and too much fruit (the only thing he LOVES) is too acidic for him. So I've had to really adjust his diet and make sure he's not getting anything with eggs and nothing too acidic.

So there, if you have the problem that we are faced with or know someone who does, I highly recommend this PINXAV (pronounced pink-salve). I got mine online, now go get yours!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011

Keeping my tradition of having never made a resolution for the new year, I didn't make one this year either. I honestly think they are a little bit silly. If I am thinking that I need to change something about my life or myself, I'll go ahead and try to change it that day, not when the new year comes around. And, when I don't quite make it that day, I will try not to beat myself up about it and just try harder the next day. But that's just me.

I do have a list of things I am going to try to accomplish daily. Here goes:

1. I will try to be more patient with and speak to my family in a loving way.

2. I will try to be more patient and loving with my BIG kid, my challenge.

3. I will try to not pass judgement on others, even when I am disappointed by them.

4. I will stand up for my beliefs and morals, even when it's uncomfortable.

5. I will accept that I cannot change the actions of others, I can only control the response I give.

6. I will take responsibility for my actions.

7. I will try to enjoy all of the precious moments I have with my children and family, remembering how truly blessed I am!

Here's to a great 2011. Happy New Year.