Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Y'all

I have to say that I have enjoyed this holiday season so much more than in previous years. This is why I think so....I read a poll on USA, I don't get the newspaper, I have the app. This was the question: Is holiday gift giving less important in your family than in years past? Here were the choices: (which would you choose?)

A. Yes, and I'm so glad
B. Yes, and I wish it wasn't
C. No and I'm so glad
D. No but I wish it was

I happily answered A. Here's why. Scrambling to buy gifts for family members who have plenty and don't need anything else just isn't fun for me. Our Christmas this year has been less about material gifts and more about the gift of family, friends, and faith. Now, buying for the kids is different. That IS fun, especially watching their little faces when they open up the gift, I enjoy that! The other reason I enjoy Christmas so much more this year is this; I look forward to spending time with my family, I can celebrate the real reason we have Christmas and know that each year is better than the next. Our family is a work in progress. In the beginning, we were a MESS, now though, I can proudly say that we work on things, we're not perfect and we never will be. We work through our issues, we try harder for each other, and we know that we will mess up, but we forgive, just as He forgives us daily.

This Christmas I wish that you would enjoy every second of spending time with your loved ones, even though sometimes they might drive you nuts. I wish that you would count all of the blessings in your life, and I wish you the privilege of knowing Him and serving Him.

                                          Merry Christmas From the Smith's

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