Monday, September 20, 2010

Moroccan Night

Saturday we had our awesome friends and soon to be neighbors, (YAY!) over for a Moroccan meal. This was our first time trying out this culture's cuisine and let me tell you in the best way I can describe it, YUM! It was all so good and as tradition calls the adults all ate out of the same dish. It was so much fun to do something different and learn a little about the Moroccan culture. Hopefully when they move in we'll have many more of these nights.

Josh and Eddie, the business deal handshake

Lifelong friends, literally, since we were in diapers!
The kiddos, Adam, Amir, Ry(stuffing her face, she LOVED it), Aliyah and Carter(who threw most of his on the floor)
The cutest girls ever!
Kristi and Eddie.
Look at that YUMMY food!

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