Monday, September 20, 2010

Ice Cream for Breakfast?

That was Josh's question when he came out into the kitchen and saw what the kids were eating. Yes! Ice cream for breakfast! And as if you can't tell from Ryleigh's face, she quite enjoyed it and was not expecting me to say "Sure", when she asked if she could have an ice cream cone for breakfast. Here's why I said yes,
1.) Because it's a much more fun answer than no.
2.) I want my kids to remember fun things from their childhood, no matter how big or small (such as eating a treat before church) and
3.)Why the heck not?!!
Will they eat this everyday, no, but this day they did. And they enjoyed it. And I enjoyed watching them.
(The downside to this breakfast was the eggs in the ice cream which left Carter with a bad case of a yucky bottom for a couple of days. )

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