Monday, September 20, 2010

Ice Cream for Breakfast?

That was Josh's question when he came out into the kitchen and saw what the kids were eating. Yes! Ice cream for breakfast! And as if you can't tell from Ryleigh's face, she quite enjoyed it and was not expecting me to say "Sure", when she asked if she could have an ice cream cone for breakfast. Here's why I said yes,
1.) Because it's a much more fun answer than no.
2.) I want my kids to remember fun things from their childhood, no matter how big or small (such as eating a treat before church) and
3.)Why the heck not?!!
Will they eat this everyday, no, but this day they did. And they enjoyed it. And I enjoyed watching them.
(The downside to this breakfast was the eggs in the ice cream which left Carter with a bad case of a yucky bottom for a couple of days. )

Moroccan Night

Saturday we had our awesome friends and soon to be neighbors, (YAY!) over for a Moroccan meal. This was our first time trying out this culture's cuisine and let me tell you in the best way I can describe it, YUM! It was all so good and as tradition calls the adults all ate out of the same dish. It was so much fun to do something different and learn a little about the Moroccan culture. Hopefully when they move in we'll have many more of these nights.

Josh and Eddie, the business deal handshake

Lifelong friends, literally, since we were in diapers!
The kiddos, Adam, Amir, Ry(stuffing her face, she LOVED it), Aliyah and Carter(who threw most of his on the floor)
The cutest girls ever!
Kristi and Eddie.
Look at that YUMMY food!

My Twins

Ryleigh age 2

Carter 16 months

Okay so am I crazy or do these 2 kiddos look a lot alike?! Josh thought it would be funny to dress Carter in Ryleigh's old costume and he was NOT happy about it! But he walked into the kitchen and I swear I had dejavu of my sweet Ryleigh almost 4 years ago.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Happy House

To some, a happy "house" is one that is clean, tidy, and clutter free at all times. Let me just tell you what I think a happy home is: one that I can freely play with my children, one that has toys around, one that displays artwork that your child worked so hard on to please you, one that is full of laughter, and one that feels like home. I am thankful that I can see what's important. I am thankful that I get to enjoy my children every day. I am thankful that my kids run to me when they see me. I am thankful that they want to share their day with me. I am thankful.

In 10, 15, 20 years I hope I will look back and remember all of the time spent together, not cleaning my house. By no means do I have a dirty house, but with kids comes clutter right? Reminds me of a movie with Nicolas Cage, The Family Man. And in the end, he realizes what's really important. The End.