Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kindergarten.....cut short

As written by Ryleigh....

Here I am on my first morning of Kindergarten. Even though it's about two hours earlier than I normally wake up, I'm really excited!
My mom made me some yummy scrambled eggs and a bagel!
Then she made me and my brother take pictures outside. He didn't want to take pictures, he just wanted to run down the yard, then the sidewalk, and into the street like he does every time we walk out the front door! See him here, he's already planning his getaway.
Here I am walking in with my family. I a little bit nervous, this is a big school, with BIG kids!

Where's my locker? And why is the girl who was next to me at meet the teacher night not next to me anymore? This is TOTALLY throwing my day off. I need structure and routine!
Stay tuned for the next post to find out how the middle of my week went......

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