Monday, August 30, 2010

The First Break

Like my new karate chopping arm?!
I'm getting used to this, only 3 weeks and 2 more days until it's off!

3 days into her first week of Kindergarten Ryleigh broke her wrist on the playground at school. That's not the worst part.....she walked around for 2 days with a broken wrist before we knew it was broken, and that's not the worst part.......her horrible mom, me, continued to tell her to "stop whining" about it on Wednesday night as Josh and I were getting ready to leave for the Twins game. Yes, I feel HORRIBLE and know I need to let go of the guilt but look at the poor baby! Okay, just one thing in my defense. I didn't get a call from school so I didn't think it was that big of a deal. Had an adult called me and told me what had happened I think I would have done something right away. I'm not putting blame on anyone, it's no one's fault, I'm just trying to justify the fact that I dropped the ball. I've had several people ask me why it's so high up her arm if it's just her wrist that's broken, here's the answer: if the cast was below the elbow, she would be able to twist and move her wrist. Her elbow was a little bit swollen too. It wasn't broken but she did hurt it a little bit. The bone in the elbow is shaped like a donut and in the middle is fat. She hit her elbow so hard that the fat came out and swelled around her elbow.
She is adjusting well to it. She was a little bit embarrassed on Monday when she walked into class but has been fine ever since. She's also met a bunch of new kids at school with her crazy yellow cast. She's so resilient as most kids are I suppose. What an eventful first week of Kindergarten. One we will always remember!

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