Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stuff around here

Besides trying to stay cool without a beloved pool, we've been keeping pretty busy here. Josh has been off since Thursday and has all this week off. We were planning on driving up to Mn but changed plans. Carter is horrible in the car and we decided to give our ears a break and save some money instead. Of course we're so sad about not being able to see friends and family but it's working out for the best. The kids were both sick on Saturday with some weird virus so I'm glad we weren't staying with friends and getting theirs sick too.

Josh has been busy with his "honey do" list around Maw Maw's house. He's been busy cutting back trees today. Thankfully Josh enjoys staying busy so I don't have to entertain him at all times!

Carter is learning new things, mainly words, everyday. I thought Ryleigh talked early but he is really talking a lot. He's a typical boy who loves to climb on things, swim, run around, read books and play with mommy and Ryleigh at all times. He hasn't learned the art of playing by himself just yet, but hopefully soon.

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