Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sick of the Sickness

What was supposed to be a great birthday week for the Smith's, turned out to be the week from hell. Sunday night Ryleigh woke up vomiting and this continued until Monday when she got a shot in her booty (which was extremely truamatic and I had to bribe her with a movie and ice cream). Carter had 2 ear infections and is back on breathing treatments. So I was thinking, okay this will be fine, they will feel better for our family day trip to Canton on Thursday and my favorite thing of the year in Fort Worth Mayfest on Friday.....The trip ended shorton Thursday with Josh and I having the worst case of flu I have ever experienced. We had to call Josh's mom and Maw Maw to come over and watch the kids. I was so bummed I didn't get to spend my baby's birthday with him. Not that he had any idea but I did! Thankfully Josh was feeling better by Friday but now, it's Sunday and I'm just starting to feel human again. Hoping and praying that the kids don't get it!


Jessie said...

oh that's so sad. sorry you were feeling so crappy and are on the mend--where's the new house?

Sarah said...

Ugh... I feel your pain!! We just got over something HORRIBLE and of the same sort a week or so ago. No good. At least we all had it at once... I think it was a blessing only because it slowed Jack down too.

Yes, details on the house next please! I know some but didn't hear you had sold. Can't wait to see pics. And congrats!