Tuesday, March 30, 2010

11 months!!

Well now that Carter is almost 1 he is just the smartest baby ever! He is now doing lots of baby things like clapping, "so big", blowing kisses, waving hi and bye bye, signing "more", dancing and being a happy baby! He is not walking yet, thankfully, but standing on everything and walking around things. He is a true boy, much different than Ry was at this age. He loves to get into anything that is off limits, the toilet, the dog bowl, the fireplace and things on it, etc. I really can't believe that he'll be a year in one month!


The Hillger's said...

such a big boy! sounds like him and hayden are into the same things! i think they would get along great!

Sarah said...

Seriously... I feel like you just had him! Man, time flies!