Tuesday, March 30, 2010

11 months!!

Well now that Carter is almost 1 he is just the smartest baby ever! He is now doing lots of baby things like clapping, "so big", blowing kisses, waving hi and bye bye, signing "more", dancing and being a happy baby! He is not walking yet, thankfully, but standing on everything and walking around things. He is a true boy, much different than Ry was at this age. He loves to get into anything that is off limits, the toilet, the dog bowl, the fireplace and things on it, etc. I really can't believe that he'll be a year in one month!

Catch up

Here's what we've been up to the last couple of months.....We put our house up on the market in February. We're not planning on moving far, only a few miles but we need to be in a neighborhood with a good school...and we need a little more room! I took a trip to Mn for a weekend with my girls and my mom. Had a wonderful time and was ready to come home to see my babies and my hubby. Josh did great, this was his first, yes first time home with the kids by himself. And of course Carter slept through the night when I was gone....or maybe he went unheard. Either way Josh had a full night of sleep!! We went to the Dallas Zoo and Dallas Museum of Nature and History over spring break. Last week we started T Ball again....now I get to try to entertain Carter and try to keep an eye on the games. I LOVE this time of year when the trees start to bud and the weather turns from mild to almost hot in a months time! We will be busy every weekend until school's out!