Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My not so little baby....

Mad in the carseat

LOVES to stand at the bath, waiting for the day when he falls in....

Hi, I like to stand on everything. I also enjoy chewing anything and everything, especially my crib. Yum.
Hold on!

So our little man isn't so little anymore! He'll be 10 months next week. He is getting into everything. I don't remember having to baby proof so much with Ryleigh. Carter is much more adventurous. He likes to play in the dog's bowl, the toilet bowl, pull all of the cords out from the computer, take Ryleigh's things, etc, etc. He is crawling everywhere and is now officially a mama's boy and cries when others try to hold him, besides Daddy of course.
He had yucky RSV (respiratory infection) 2 weeks ago and had to do breathing treatments for about a week. Thankfully we're feeling much better, except for the pink eye we've developed this week. I've tried to get rid of it with over the counter meds but I think we're going to have to see the Dr.
Next week, we'll go for his 9 month check up (yes I'm way behind). I'm sure we'll be off the charts with weight and height, he was 22 lbs a couple of weeks ago. He LOVES food!

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