Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Well Visits...

So all is good health wise in the Smith household. We had well checks today for both. Ryleigh was 41 lbs and 3 foot 8 inches tall. Carter 20lbs 9oz (95%) and 28 inches (95%). He had 1 shot with 3 vaccines in it and didn't even cry. Such a big boy. I opted out of a couple of shots...not big on them which drives Josh crazy but really do we need a pneumonia shot, flu shot, H1N1 shot, diarrhea mist.....I think not. All that yucky stuff being injected into little bodies is not good. Just my 2 cents and my kids, so I get to have that opinion! Hopefully we'll stay healthy as we head up north to South Dakota for the week. We'll leave Friday and come home the following Saturday. I'm very excited, we haven't spent a Thanksgiving with my family in a long time, I know it has been at least since we've lived in Texas (almost 7 years) so it's long overdue. Josh and I are both ready for a week of relaxation, and maybe a date night or knowing my parents, they'll kick us out every night just so they can have the kids. Let's just pray that Carter does better in the car this trip....or Daddy and I will be stopping for ear plugs!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kristy's visit

So my little sis came down for Carter's dedication. A LONG overdue visit from her. What a wonderful weekend it was though. Ryleigh was glued to her for 3 days. We were busy with stuff to do but did manage to make it down to the West End of Dallas to see the JFK memorial and have some barbecue for lunch. I realized also that I am a dummy and didn't take ANY pictures with her. So here she is with the kids and Josh too.

Carter's Dedication

Last Sunday we had Carter dedicated. For those of you who don't know what that is, cause I sure didn't, it's basically like a baptism, it's a parent commitment service saying that we will raise Carter as a christian in our home. Thanks to our family and small group who attended. It was very special to Josh and I and we were so happy that friends and family could share the day with us.

Tres Leches cake, meaning 3 milks, was one of the best things I've ever put in my mouth...hmmmm so good.

I'm 6 months old!

Here I am having fun with my friend Josh

My sister put this hat on me AND took the picture. I think I'd make a pretty girl.

Happy Halloween

Okay so I'm a few weeks late but better than never! Ryleigh was a southern belle and Carter was a pirate. We started the festivites by going to the annual block party at Josh's mom's where they had a chili cook off and a pinata and cake walk for the kids. Kristy and Eddie and the kids joined us there and then we all went back to our house to trick or treat. Josh and I like this night because we can catch up with the neighbors, unfortunately Ry and her friends were running so fast from house to house we couldn't keep up. Fun night filled with candy that will be thrown away soon. Ryleigh forgets it's on top of the fridge anyway. And Josh and I have picked out what we like already!