Monday, October 19, 2009

Early birthday celebration

One more week until our baby turns 5! Gigi will be out of town for a while and will miss her birthday so we celebrated on Sunday. Ryleigh decided she wanted Gloria's, her favorite Mexican restaurant, yum! She loves the black bean dip, she must get that love from her dad because I don't touch any beans. She was so surprised when the servers came over to sing happy birthday to her, "Happy Birthday Mamasita!" She kept saying, "how did they know it was going to be my birthday?!"

After lunch we headed over to Alley Cats for bowling and games. She had so much fun, she said at one point, "THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!"

Here's everyone, we had a great time! Josh even won a Nintendo DS in one of the machines!! Happy birthday Ryleigh! She will be excited when she opens it, her cousin Emma has one and she is always wanting to play it, now she'll have her own!

Now I have the week to get the house ready for her birthday party here. I have no idea how many kids will be here....yikes!

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The Hillger's said...

So is Carter! the pumpkin patch pictures are adorable! and ryleigh's hair is just beautiful! glad i have yalls blog site now!