Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Labor Day weekend

The directors from ProStaff were invited to the big boss' lake house over the Labor Day weekend with families. It was so much fun. We left Carter with Josh's mom and drove out east. Much different than the cabins I'm used to in MN. This was a beautiful lake home. All of the kids are great swimmers so they took turns jumping off the dock, (from the top level it's about 15 feet) riding the jet ski, tubing and fishing. This was Ryleigh's first real experience in a lake so she was very concerned about fish biting her feet. She also got a splinter in her foot which she lost her freaking mind over.

Josh and I also thought we could stay up until 5 am. Never doing that again. The next day was super fun with 3 hours of sleep. We had a birthday party and a family gathering at our house. I now realize I am TOO OLD to stay up past my bedtime.

Josh was fishing with just a line, no pole, and caught 3 fish off of the dock.

Swimming in the lake.

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