Monday, August 10, 2009


Ryleigh jumping off the high dive!

Grandma and Carter at the pool.

Catching lightning bugs

Smiling on the way down for just a minute!

Last Friday we packed up the car and kiddos and headed up to South Dakota for a visit with my mom and dad. We ended up stopping in Topeka, Kansas to spend the night and give our ringing ears a break. Our sweet little boy decided to scream, not cry, scream throughout most of the Kansas Turnpike which made for a LONG drive. Poor Ryleigh, she was so good, just watched her movies and tried to talk to Carter to make him feel better. Finally Saturday we arrived and have been having a blast here. It is so relaxing and the lifestyle is so much slower, it's a wonderful break! Ryleigh has had the best time here, we've gone swimming, to the park, walked "up town" several times, played with new friends, caught lightning bugs at night, gone to a farm, and drove the golf cart at the country club. Josh has also taken advantage of the country club golfing daily with my dad. The weather has also been a nice break, it's only been around 85 or 90!

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