Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to Texas!

Finally things are back to normal after a month of vacation and visitors. Ry started school on Thursday, I am thrilled with her new class. The teachers seem super organized and way on top of things. They said on the first day that Ryleigh was very sweet and very smart and that she said the lunch time prayer. Hopefully the "sweetness" will last throughout the year!

Carter had his 4 month check up today and is doing great besides a nasty runny nose. He is now 16 pounds 12 oz. and 25.5 inches. Quite the big boy. He still hates doing his tummy time and I very rarely make him do it....he'll probably never roll over but it's okay, I want him to stay my baby forever. He started eating cereal and fruits and veggies about a month ago but when I took him in to the chiropractor to get adjusted she scolded me so we are waiting again until about 6 months. He is drooling like crazy and putting everything in his mouth, I'm sure teeth will be here soon.

Last week LeAnn and Ally made a trip down from Mn. We had a low key week of laying out by the pool and breaking up the constant fighting between Ry and Ally. They are so much alike that they constantly bicker and then play, then fight, then play. Besides the cold being passed around to everyone but me, the week was fun.

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Sarah said...

OMG... I cannot believe how big Carter is getting! Seriously, that's what happens with some time away from blogdom. Just crazy!

Glad to see all are doing well!