Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to Texas!

Finally things are back to normal after a month of vacation and visitors. Ry started school on Thursday, I am thrilled with her new class. The teachers seem super organized and way on top of things. They said on the first day that Ryleigh was very sweet and very smart and that she said the lunch time prayer. Hopefully the "sweetness" will last throughout the year!

Carter had his 4 month check up today and is doing great besides a nasty runny nose. He is now 16 pounds 12 oz. and 25.5 inches. Quite the big boy. He still hates doing his tummy time and I very rarely make him do it....he'll probably never roll over but it's okay, I want him to stay my baby forever. He started eating cereal and fruits and veggies about a month ago but when I took him in to the chiropractor to get adjusted she scolded me so we are waiting again until about 6 months. He is drooling like crazy and putting everything in his mouth, I'm sure teeth will be here soon.

Last week LeAnn and Ally made a trip down from Mn. We had a low key week of laying out by the pool and breaking up the constant fighting between Ry and Ally. They are so much alike that they constantly bicker and then play, then fight, then play. Besides the cold being passed around to everyone but me, the week was fun.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Farm

Okay, so I realize that you have to watch the video sideways, but it is so worth it. We went to a farm while in South Dakota and Ry got to pick eggs and feed the animals. They had chickens, turkeys, emus, pigs and these goats called Fainting Goats. When they are being chased they literally seize up and fall over. So Josh thought it would be funny to chase them of course and it really did fall over and faint. I didn't think to catch it on video until the second time he tried it and it didn't go like the first time....


Petunia the pig, she drinks Bud Light Lime and eats dog treats

Ry and Leila


Ryleigh jumping off the high dive!

Grandma and Carter at the pool.

Catching lightning bugs

Smiling on the way down for just a minute!

Last Friday we packed up the car and kiddos and headed up to South Dakota for a visit with my mom and dad. We ended up stopping in Topeka, Kansas to spend the night and give our ringing ears a break. Our sweet little boy decided to scream, not cry, scream throughout most of the Kansas Turnpike which made for a LONG drive. Poor Ryleigh, she was so good, just watched her movies and tried to talk to Carter to make him feel better. Finally Saturday we arrived and have been having a blast here. It is so relaxing and the lifestyle is so much slower, it's a wonderful break! Ryleigh has had the best time here, we've gone swimming, to the park, walked "up town" several times, played with new friends, caught lightning bugs at night, gone to a farm, and drove the golf cart at the country club. Josh has also taken advantage of the country club golfing daily with my dad. The weather has also been a nice break, it's only been around 85 or 90!

3 Months

Well, we hit the 3 month milestone on the 29th. I am loving the changes that Carter is going through. He is now eating cereal and baby food, and his thighs are growing daily. He is smiling and squealing with delight when he's happy with a few giggles in between. He is just a happy baby all around so we are enjoying every moment. It was at this time when Ryleigh was a baby that she was sick with her first double ear infection and RSV. This time around hopefully we won't have a sick one!