Thursday, June 4, 2009

T Ball Banquet

Ry's first season came to and end also. Grandma got to watch her last game, which she was thrilled about. We had the banquet where the kids each got a trophy and a ball. She wasn't crazy about playing again during the summer but Daddy volunteered to be the assistant coach again so she doesn't really have a choice! I know she'll be happy to play again and most of the kids she played with are playing again. Most of the parents are so nice, I'm glad we'll be able to keep it touch throughout the summer. I'm just not sure if we'll survive the 8:30 am games on Saturdays! I guess they have to be so early so the kids (and parents) won't be too hot.

Getting her trophy from Coach Mike

The team eating pizza

Silly faces, Raptors team photo

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