Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Carter Pictures

Ry can't get enough of her bro. BUT she loses "holding Carter time" if she's sassy to us.
Carter is doing great, he eats, sleeps, poops, eats, and eats. We took him in Sunday to get him weighed and to see if he was jaundice. He hasn't lost any weight (most babies lose about 8% after birth) and he was looking good. He's got his days and nights mixed up but we'll try to change that soon! He was only up 2 times last night so I can't complain. So far, he's perfect! I'm just going to enjoy Josh's last day home with us and enjoy a beer on the patio tonight for Cinco de Mayo!


Laura said...

He is super cute! Love the 3rd picture. Ryleigh looks like a proud big sis!

Adrianna said...

So handsome and look at Ry, taking on the role of big sis with pride! Way to go Ry! Congratulations Courtney and Josh, you have a beautiful little boy. Love you all!

Kym said...

So cute! Love the little model pose on the third picture!

Sarah said...

Ryleigh is seriously going to be such a great little helper!

How perfect. :-)