Monday, April 20, 2009

Six Flags

Saturday we spent the day at Six Flags. I really thought that with all of the standing around and walking, that Carter might come sooner but no way. We were there for almost 8 hours, but well worth it, Ryleigh had a blast with her new Texas friends. Their favorite ride was the teacup looking one where you spin around and around. I thought the 3 were going to get off of the ride throwing up but no, they were all laughing. I could ride NOTHING, not even the mini ferris wheel in Loony Toon Land. Oh well, we ended up getting season passes so we can come back all summer.

Ry and her first "pink thing"

Ryleigh went next door to play with her friend Sam and they were dressed the same!

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Sarah said...

This looks like so much fun! And, you're quite the brave soul to have a season pass with a new babe... you're one tough mama!