Thursday, April 16, 2009


This is my 101st post. Is that supposed to be a milestone? Anyway, I went to the doctor today for my weekly check and I am dilated to 2. It could be anytime now.....but I was dilated with Ryleigh for a couple of weeks before she arrived so we'll see. My doctor asked me if I wanted to schedule something for next week, meaning induction, but I declined. Am I crazy?! I am so uncomfortable and tired and am not sleeping well, but I just think I should leave him alone until he's ready to meet us. We're going to Six Flags with some friends on Saturday so maybe all of the walking will do the trick, or I could just have incredibly sore legs and feet on Sunday.

On another super duper happy note, I'm getting my house cleaned tomorrow!!! YIPEE! For some reason I have not had any "nesting" going here, nor do I have the desire to clean at all. So I guess I need some help.


Adrianna Charboneau said...

I certainly don't think you are crazy for waiting for him to come! Have fun at 6 Flags!

Sarah said...

Like the new background and love the song.

I can't believe how close he is to being here! Yay! :-)