Friday, March 20, 2009

Wedding Weekend

Last weekend was Josh's cousin Matt's wedding. We spent the weekend about 2 hours north of us in small country town, USA. Ryleigh was one of the flower girls and Josh was a groomsman. Ryleigh LOVES to dress pretty and did an awesome job at the wedding, only a little bit of fidgeting during the wedding. It was fun for me to see my family involved in such a special day for the Schultz/Williams families. Everything was so perfect, it was beautiful! Josh said to me several times that we need to start planning our renewal of vows ceremony. I would like to wear my real wedding dress sometime!
Rehearsal dinner
Ry and "uncle" Matt
Me and Jess
Josh and I while his eyes were still open....;)
Ry and Daddy dancing. She danced all night!

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Sarah said...

You guys look so darn happy. That makes me happy. :-)