Tuesday, March 24, 2009

T Ball!

Last week Ryleigh started TBall. She is one of 2 girls on the Raptors. It is just about the cutest thing you will ever see. 3 and 4 year olds trying to learn the basics of baseball is so funny. Josh volunteered to be an assistant coach so Ry is even more excited about it. Grandpa told her that he was my coach in softball so she wanted her daddy to be her coach too. The first practice she wasn't too thrilled that the shirts were blue (very important) or that she had to wear a hat (looking beautiful is above everything else right?!) She actually does pretty well at this new game, she can throw AND hit. I think she is also growing out of what we call her Phoebe run.

The first game was so much fun, I am loving it! Getting to watch Ry and Josh together is so awesome!

Grandma got her a pink glove and bat, she's ready for her first practice

Look at that stance!

Go Raptors!

First game, Ry and Coach Josh

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Jessie said...

how adorable--and how amazing to watch your husband with his daughter. ahhh...the joys in life!