Friday, March 13, 2009

Monday we finished up shopping for Carter. There are so many more new cool things for babies since the last one I had 4 and a half years ago! It was fun shopping with my mom and Ryleigh, I feel like I'm set but I know there will be things that I completely forgot about. Fortunately the weather was beautiful for my mom's visit and turned yucky when she left on Tuesday. So we were able to grill out and play outside. I was very proud of myself for not breaking down and crying until after I drove away at the airport. I guess it's a little bit easier knowing she and my dad will be back in May.

Now we are off to Sherman for the weekend for Matt and Ali's wedding. Josh and Ryleigh are both in the wedding and we get to stay in a hotel for the weekend so Ry is excited. Oh, and I experienced my first bout of Braxton Hicks the other night. I never had thsese with Ryleigh, and it makes the fact that there will be a baby here in 7 weeks more real.....Ahhh, I need to catch up on sleep now!

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