Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Me and Ry's Date

Monday we decided that we needed a mommy and Ryleigh date to the Dallas Arboretum. We packed up a picnic, which was the most exciting part for her, and drove across town to unfamiliar territory. We were a little bit chilly for the most part but it was awesome. So beautiful right off of White Rock Lake. They had all of these little storybook houses for the kids to play in that told a story, many I had never heard of, but most were cute. We must have walked around the place for 4 hours, I am truly surprised that it kept her attention for so long. There were 4 brides there throughout the day taking pictures, which I think was Ry's favorite part. She would just stop and stare and say, "She looks so beautiful!" She also had her first encounter with the Red Hat Society. They were a crazy bunch of ladies, laughing at everything. It was a fun day, our days together just the 2 of us are so numbered that I have been trying to spend as much special time with her as I can. It won't be long before her brother is here....which means my ribs won't be so bruised! I have an appointment tomorrow so we'll see if anything interesting will come of it.
Ry and the Red Hat Society


Daddy said...

I love you two, and hope that your final weeks together are splendid!

Sarah said...

I cannot believe how close your time is to have a lil' boy in your life.

And wow... 4 hours! I'm impressed with both of you. There's no way I was walking that much that far into the pregnancy. However, arboretums are the bomb, so if I could do it it would be there.

I hope your final weeks go well!