Monday, March 2, 2009

Can I push pause?

With everything going on this month, I feel like things are flying past me and our family of 3 will soon be 4. I am trying to enjoy every moment with Ryleigh, knowing that soon it won't just be her and I during the day.
Tomorrow I have my 31 week checkup, I'm sure everything will be fine. I will pick up my paperwork from the doctor in case it's needed when we go to Vegas on Thursday. What fun that would be, to have a baby in Sin City. The thought is scary. Luckily, I am only going for 2 days but will miss out on the award ceremony on Saturday. My mom will be here Friday and Sunday is my baby shower. I am so ready for a visit from my mom so I am excited!
Ryleigh got her second haircut on Friday, (first in a salon,) she insisted that they did not wash her hair so it was no big deal. The dry ends needed to be cut off for her trip down the isle as flower girl in Matt and Ali's wedding in less than 2 weeks! Daddy is in the wedding too so it will be fun to see them both taking part in their special day.
I will post some Vegas pictures when I get back next week. Hopefully I'll come back with more money than I left with!!

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Sarah said...

Have fun and good luck!