Monday, February 23, 2009

Where the heck has February gone?

Let's see in the last 3 weeks, we've had 2 yucky dentist appointments for crowns and fillings, a Valentine's party at school, a bachelorette party, a couple of dates for me and Josh, 2 doctors appointments for me, and a partridge in a pear tree.

My poor baby, I know, she's 4 but she'll always be my baby. When we went to the dentist for a cleaning in October they told me she had 6 cavities! So we've had to go in twice to get them taken care of. They gave her some Demerol, put the bright sterling silver crown on and did a couple of fillings and left her with a huge swollen cheek. She was not happy about this at all and she insisted she call her Daddy and let him know what the mean old dentist did to her. As soon as he heard her he rushed to meet us at Braums for some ice cream, then proceeded to tell her to smile because half of her face was numb! NICE! It was a little bit amusing that she couldn't feel herself wiping her cone on her face and missing her mouth, I admit. So we did the whole thing over again today on the other side of her mouth and hopefully this will take care of things for a while, when did the dentist become so expensive?!!

The next few weeks are also going to be crazy for us, my mom will be here in less than 2 weeks, Josh and I will be on our way to Vegas, my wonderful mother in law and sister in law are throwing me a baby shower, Ryleigh and Josh are in a wedding, oh, and did I mention 68 days until our family grows to 4? I am starting to get a little bit nervous about this. It's all coming so soon and I feel like I have so much to do, but I'm just SOOO tired again! I just need to remember how fast all of these things pass us by and to try to enjoy every moment, even if every moment is filled with heartburn.

Monday, February 2, 2009

He has furniture! And a name!

Ryleigh riding the furniture down the hall.

Ryleigh and I put the crib together all by ourselves. She was an awesome helper. And I only got frustrated 9,582 times.

And Carter Patrick Smith's room is almost complete. Good job Josh!


Josh and Ryleigh are enjoying the new Wii. Ry is actually pretty good at tennis! I think Josh thinks he is going to win a prize, check out his stance!