Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Years!

What a great year it has been and hopefully this year will be filled with as many blessings as the last. I was able to start staying home with Ryleigh and now will be able to enjoy this little guy too! Nothing could top it! I hope that our friends and family will have a wonderful 2009 and know that each person holds a special place in our hearts and has helped us in some way to be where our family is today. Here are a couple pics from New Years.

Diana and I
Leslie and I
Jason and Lindsay, I love this one!
I guess with a new year comes all of the things that need to be finished from 2008!
Here's my list.....and getting longer as the baby approaches!
~Finish painting the room we closed in. (Which I LOVE, by the way).
~Finish putting away the hundreds of pictures I have into albums.
~Pick out baby room colors, and paint the room.
~Start working on our 5 year anniversary present to Josh, can't tell you what it is cause he'll read this, and yes it will take me 6 months, (our anniversary is July 6), and no it's not a scrapbook.
~Although I did get a scrapbook for Christmas with a beautiful page done from Ryleigh's birthday by Josh's brother which has given me the motivation in my head to start scrapping, so I guess scrapbooking would be on the list.
~Be thankful EVERY day.

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