Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 Already?!

I guess I'm a week late on posting pictures from the holidays. It's back to the swing of things now. Josh was off for almost a week and a half and we had a great time. Doing family stuff all week was awesome, we are so blessed that Josh has so much PTO. Usually we are traveling on his time off so it was nice to not have to go anywhere this time. Ry was sad this morning when she woke up and Daddy was not on "bacation" anymore.

I had a checkup this morning, nothing new, everything is fine so far. I feel like this pregnancy is flying by. It could be because I love being pregnant. Even though it does such strange things to your body, I love feeling this little guy moving around, and he moves around all the time. I'm hoping his sleeping patterns will not be the way he's going to sleep after he's here. I'm in trouble if that's the case! I was cleared to travel until 36 weeks which means I get to accompany Josh to Vegas this year. He won a trip again and I was so mad at myself for not going last year. So I am making myself this year, I figure Josh can party and I can zone out on slot machines!


Josh said...

YEAH! I am happy you are coming to Las Begas with me Mami!

Sarah said...

You two are so darn cute... and of course the cute lil' beings you make too. :-)

I'm so jealous of Vegas!