Monday, January 26, 2009

Done Painting!

Finally! We painted this room 3 times before we got the color right (the bottom brown part). First it was too dark, then too light, so we compromised and mixed the 2 cans together and cam up with the perfect brown. Ridiculous I know but we didn't have the opportunity to do a nursery for Ryleigh so it was fun. I especially love that it was something Josh and I did together. He put up the chair rail too! This morning I attempted to put the crib together and after about, oh, 2 minutes, Ryleigh couldn't keep her hands from touching everything so that was that. Attempt number 2 will be this afternoon. Here's a peek at the baby's room.

Josh hard at work, he does the trim, I do the rolling.

The finished product, what do you think?

My 6 month belly, I despise pictures of myself right now.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Game Time!

I know you all love a little competition so let's see who can guess the stats of the baby on the way, (who may have a name at this point, says Josh). Who knows, there could be a huge cash prize for whoever guesses the closest. (This is not a guarantee, but play anyhow!) Click here to play or on ExpectNet to the right. I will give you some hints. My due date is May 2 and I am much larger than I was with Ryleigh, she weighed 6 lbs, 9 oz. Don't be a fuddy duddy, play even if you are an anonymous, silent blog reader!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

6 months already?!

With less than 16 weeks left, I am sitting here wondering where 2008 went. We are no where near ready for this little guy to arrive. I love being pregnant so I am fine with him staying right where he is! I know I've mentioned this but I just can't get over how much he moves. Josh had his hand on my ever growing belly the other night and he kicked Josh's hand for close to an hour. Josh keeps asking if this is a preview of what's to come after he's born. I am trying to enjoy the last months of only having 1 child, its a weird thought to me that there will be another family member soon. I have also passed off the task of naming him, Josh is now in charge of that part, and I am happy about it!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Surprise, Surprise

Last night we went out to celebrate Josh's promotion (yeah Josh!). The 3 of us went to PF Chang's for dinner and I had told Ryleigh to tell Daddy congratulations when we got there. So we're sitting in the booth and I asked Ry if she had told Daddy yet and she looked at him and said, "Daddy, I know you love Gigi's Wii, but we're NOT getting you that for your birthday." Josh and I had to both look away with smiles, she really did think she was keeping the secret. Oh, well, lesson learned: Do not tell your 4 year old any surprises!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Years!

What a great year it has been and hopefully this year will be filled with as many blessings as the last. I was able to start staying home with Ryleigh and now will be able to enjoy this little guy too! Nothing could top it! I hope that our friends and family will have a wonderful 2009 and know that each person holds a special place in our hearts and has helped us in some way to be where our family is today. Here are a couple pics from New Years.

Diana and I
Leslie and I
Jason and Lindsay, I love this one!
I guess with a new year comes all of the things that need to be finished from 2008!
Here's my list.....and getting longer as the baby approaches!
~Finish painting the room we closed in. (Which I LOVE, by the way).
~Finish putting away the hundreds of pictures I have into albums.
~Pick out baby room colors, and paint the room.
~Start working on our 5 year anniversary present to Josh, can't tell you what it is cause he'll read this, and yes it will take me 6 months, (our anniversary is July 6), and no it's not a scrapbook.
~Although I did get a scrapbook for Christmas with a beautiful page done from Ryleigh's birthday by Josh's brother which has given me the motivation in my head to start scrapping, so I guess scrapbooking would be on the list.
~Be thankful EVERY day.

2009 Already?!

I guess I'm a week late on posting pictures from the holidays. It's back to the swing of things now. Josh was off for almost a week and a half and we had a great time. Doing family stuff all week was awesome, we are so blessed that Josh has so much PTO. Usually we are traveling on his time off so it was nice to not have to go anywhere this time. Ry was sad this morning when she woke up and Daddy was not on "bacation" anymore.

I had a checkup this morning, nothing new, everything is fine so far. I feel like this pregnancy is flying by. It could be because I love being pregnant. Even though it does such strange things to your body, I love feeling this little guy moving around, and he moves around all the time. I'm hoping his sleeping patterns will not be the way he's going to sleep after he's here. I'm in trouble if that's the case! I was cleared to travel until 36 weeks which means I get to accompany Josh to Vegas this year. He won a trip again and I was so mad at myself for not going last year. So I am making myself this year, I figure Josh can party and I can zone out on slot machines!