Friday, December 19, 2008

Have you been a good girl?

Last night Ryleigh was talking to my friend Laura on the phone. I assume she asked Ry if she's been a good girl because this is what I heard on my end, "Well, I've been good and bad but I hope he wasn't watching." Talk about an honest 4 year old! She wasn't nice to a little girl in her class yesterday so I think she's a little bit nervous about the big guy coming to visit her.


The Greenwald's said...

kids just say the funniest things! have a wonderful christmas with your beautiful little girl. i'm sure it will be so much fun!

love, jessie

Sarah said...

I love that kind of honesty! I think I could probably answer the same... good thing noone's asking!

Adrianna Charboneau said...

Love it!