Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Eve

Josh, Ryleigh and Jack on Christmas Eve.
Ryleigh has cookies ready for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.
Josh and Ry attempting their first ginger bread house....
Me and my Bug.

Christmas Eve we went to the candle light service at church. It was Josh and Ryleigh's first so they enjoyed it. We went home and had a homemade lasagna, thank goodness for Stouffers! I let Ry open one present on Christmas Eve, which has always been a tradition with my family. Now that we have our own family, traditions are important to us. Maw Maw opened her gifts and we started making cookies, gingerbread houses and cakes. I can't get enough sweets! Ryleigh wrote her letter to Santa, but made sure to tell him not to come into her room because she wasn't feeling well. She was battling some sort of virus for the past few days. Poor girl, her temp would fly up to almost 104 at night and then she was fine during the day. ( I did bring her in to CareNow where they told me basically nothing. I think that's what they are good for, nothing, well that and taking my money!) So anyway that was our Christmas Eve, it couldn't have been better.

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