Monday, October 13, 2008

Texas State Fair

Saturday we decided to take a trip to the Texas State Fair. Yes, we knew it was the Texas/OU game but we thought it would be fun to people watch and see all of the crazy college kids. (Wow, I sound old.) So we planned on taking the train down to Dallas to avoid finding and paying for parking. This was a fun little adventure in itself, especially with a jogger. Word to the wise, always make sure you look at the times the train goes home, not just there. We had the pleasure of sitting at the train/bus stop for an hour and a half. And we only saw 3 crackheads, and I'm NOT exaggerating or making that up. This crazy woman was screaming and yelling at people for no apparent reason. Super fun when you have a young child in that area in the dark. Thankfully, there were lots of people there.
So back to the actual fair. It is the perfect place for a prego to go. I was able to "graze" all day and eat all of the fried food that looked good to me. These days I cannot eat an entire meal, just a little at a time, so the 3 of us split everything. Yum. Although I have to say, the MN State Fair has better food. Sorry, but it does. Texas has a lot of the same stuff over and over, where at the MN, you can find things like strawberry or banana and chocolate filled crepes and not feel like you're clogging an artery while your stuffing your face. It's semi-healthy right, fruit?!

Ryleigh had fun, she rode some rides that made me sick looking at them and had her face painted. She loves anything to do with makeup, so this was great. And I'm glad she loved it cause who pays $8 for a stinking face painting?

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