Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So we're home from our trip to South Dakota/Minnesota. I have to say I am actually really happy to be home and to not have any trips......until Thanksgiving when we'll be driving to Colorado. Why is it that driving and sitting in a car all day make a person so tired? I'm still not caught up on sleep from the weekend. I was the sober cab for my girlfriends this weekend, which was exhausting in itself. Josh was in a wedding but I decided to skip out on that and attend my 10 year high school reunion. We were only in MN for 2 days but Ryleigh was able to spend the weekend with Grandma and her cousins so that's always great.

I just can't wait until I have a few ounces of energy returning to my growing body. I'd like to use the "you get bigger with your second pregnancy" excuse, but I know it's my daily diet of french fries, chicken strips and ice cream. Oh, and yesterday I had my first barfing experience at work. Puking in public bathrooms is SUPER fun in case anyone wants to try it out.


Sarah said...

You poor girl. Growing a babe is such hard work on top of a road trip! I'm glad you made it home safely.

Oh, and I have tried it... it is indeed super fun.

Kym said...

CONGRATULATIONS Courtney! Josh told us last weekend and I could not be more happy and excited for you all! Let me know if you need anything. We missed not getting to see you last weekend at the wedding, but was happy you got to see all your friends.