Sunday, August 10, 2008

Working again

I officially start working again on Thursday. I will not be watching any rugrats (except for my own) and I get to work when Ryleigh is at school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I will be working in Pro Staff's Las Colinas office doing whatever they need help with: resumes, answering phones, data entry, etc. I am excited about getting back into the world of adult conversations and interactions, without little ones attached at my hip. Also a great reason to go shopping for new clothes! Which brings me to my next new devotion. After trying on numerous pants that either I couldn't even button or couldn't breathe once they were buttoned, I decided to start running/walking twice a day. I went to a resale shop, purchased a jogger, and that's what I've been doing this week. I am by NO means a runner. I've always watched them in awe thinking, "why would anyone choose to do that?" I am now one of those people. And it feels good. Even when it's 104 degrees outside. Hopefully soon I can say good bye to my muffin top (the roll that hangs over the top of my pants)


Sarah said...

Welcome to the running world. It's crazy, I haven't run in over a week now due to health issues, and I seriously miss it. I don't know when I'll be able to get back on the horse, but hopefully soon. I'm not so sure I could handle twice a day, good for you!!

Sarah said...

Oh yeah, and good luck at the new job! Sounds like you'll have a nice balance with home life and work life. :)