Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mommy and Me

We took a class tonight called mommy and me cooking class. It was run by a very young high schooler and so the mommy's ended up giving a lot of directions (i.e. "we need to wash our hands before we make any food" and "don't touch the stove because it's very hot".) You know, small things like that! The kiddos made pizzas and Rice Krispie Treats which they loved so it turned out good and Ryleigh had a good time. I, however, cannot get her to smile for me when taking pictures. Actually, she wouldn't even look at me to take the picture......attitude much? I have NO idea where she gets it! And how did she learn to have selective hearing. I swear I didn't do that until I was a teenager. Kids these days...

Here she is really happy because Jess and I made her try on her flower girl dress for our cousin's wedding in September. She looks really cute in it. I think the dirty look she's giving me adds to the cuteness [insert sarcasm].

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Sarah said...

Ha! Little tudish, eh? LOL! And she's got so far to go before the real years of tude. I love the dirty look. :-)