Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Jeanne!

The month of June is filled with birthdays for our family, today is my awesome mother-in-law's birthday! Which means there will be a great party to go along with it! I must say, it is one of the things that I look forward to in the summer. I will, however, NOT be having any jello shots. I still remember my nasty hangover that lasted all day 3 weeks ago, and it was my bday too! YUCK! The party will still be fun without them.

The weekend should be really great, I have a childhood friend and her husband in for the weekend from MN. They are checking out the area to maybe relocate here.

And the best news of all......are you ready? I am the only one who will care about this but it made my day......The Black Crowes will be here again in November!!! Yipee for me and Joshy!


Sarah said...

I heart birthday parties... and usually jello shots, til the next day.

Do I know who this childhood friend is? Hopefully not another one of my girls?!?!? (I'd have to imagine I'd have heard about it by now if that was the case).

Courtney Smith said...

No, it's a friend from way back. She was my other sister and her name is Kristi too! She was at my baby shower, she was prego too and had a little girl Alyiah.