Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ducks in the pool

I guess we are now running an animal hotel. Last week there was a snake in the house, this week ducks. There were 2 of them in the backyard swimming in the pool and walking around the yard together. How cute is that? It was really cute the first day, then the second day one of them left a nice turd in the bottom of the pool. Gross!

Speaking of the pool, it is officially open for the summer. It was a steamy 99 yesterday so the girls and I went swimming. They jumped off the diving board and we pushed the slide to the edge of the pool and they slid into the water. I love this time of the year...cooking out, swimming, hanging out with family and friends.

Speaking of hanging out with family and friends, we'll be on our way to SD to see my parents 2 weeks from yesterday. I am so excited to see them and friends in MN. We have a lot going on in the next few weeks. The 30th will officially be my last day watching the girls. Then it's just Ryleigh and I for the summer. Next weekend Josh has a bachelor party....for the entire weekend. But the next Sunday is my birthday so I'm sure he'll repay me in some way for spending Friday to Monday away from his girls!

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