Saturday, May 31, 2008

Help...I've created a DIVA!!!

Ryleigh had her first "pedicure" today. She came along with Gigi and I and they painted her toes and fingers and even put little flowers on them. She loved it! I guess Mommy's only time alone will now be invaded by a 3 year old. Oh well, look how cute she looks!!

We leave bright and early Monday morning....MN here we come. Tip to tip.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Me and the girlies

I realized I don't any pictures with the girls so I had Maw Maw come over and take one with me and the girls. So here we are!

2 More Days...

Only 2 more days of watching Mandie and Makena! I feel like this past year has gone by so fast. I have had so much fun watching the 3 girls grow and learn and play.....and fight like sisters! I have been so excited for it to be just Ryleigh and I but I am really starting to feel sad today. I am going to miss them and Ryleigh will miss Makena so much. They really have become a part of our family and I guess I consider them "my girls".

Monday, May 26, 2008

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Check this out

So some of you know my Aunt Molly is a designer for the Archiver's stores (scrapbooking store). She works at the corporate office making pages and project samples that will be in their stores. She emails me for pictures every so often and has sent me 2 pages that she has made which are now framed in my room. The quality is unbelievable. She sent me a link to their website this morning, Ryleigh is on the "Scrapmania" page and right above that next to "scrapbooking techniques" is my cousin Carly! I wonder how much Archiver's will pay me for the rights to Ryleigh's pictures......

Here's the link:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ducks in the pool

I guess we are now running an animal hotel. Last week there was a snake in the house, this week ducks. There were 2 of them in the backyard swimming in the pool and walking around the yard together. How cute is that? It was really cute the first day, then the second day one of them left a nice turd in the bottom of the pool. Gross!

Speaking of the pool, it is officially open for the summer. It was a steamy 99 yesterday so the girls and I went swimming. They jumped off the diving board and we pushed the slide to the edge of the pool and they slid into the water. I love this time of the out, swimming, hanging out with family and friends.

Speaking of hanging out with family and friends, we'll be on our way to SD to see my parents 2 weeks from yesterday. I am so excited to see them and friends in MN. We have a lot going on in the next few weeks. The 30th will officially be my last day watching the girls. Then it's just Ryleigh and I for the summer. Next weekend Josh has a bachelor party....for the entire weekend. But the next Sunday is my birthday so I'm sure he'll repay me in some way for spending Friday to Monday away from his girls!

Monday, May 12, 2008


What's this you ask? Oh, nothing, just the snake that was in my living room this afternoon. I was changing the baby and the girls yelled to me, "Come here there's a snake under the couch!" Of course I didn't believe them but when I came out of the bedroom, there it was, hissing at me. So I called my hubby, and he suggested picking it up right behind it's response was um, no thank you. So I used a broom and a butterfly net and here it is!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Just me and my Bug

What do I love more than the weekend approaching? Well ,I will tell you, not having to work AND spending the day just me and Ryleigh! We went to Target to get her a surprise this morning. I got the idea from Kim (thanks), to get a kite and go to the park. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Apparently you need a lot of wind for it to get up in the air. Nonetheless, she was super excited about it and Daddy even met us on his lunch break to give it a try.

Tomorrow we'll head out to Mayfest in Fort Worth. I guess it's become a tradition for us now and Ryleigh is old enough to participate in all of the fun kids things they have to do. My other kid, Josh, is excited for the "Idol" thing where the kids perform on stage. I myself, enjoy the artsy fartsy stuff along with the music. So it should be a fun day! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


As you can see from my new countdowns, I have 2 reasons to be so happy and excited! We are going to take a road trip to MN for Tracy and Jason's wedding reception in June. My parents are driving up from SD so we'll get to see them too. It's been almost a year and a half since we've seen them so it's LONG overdue! It's also been a couple of years since we've done the driving thing so we'll see how it works out. Last time was not fun and I vowed to never drive again....however, I think driving 14 hours might actually be better than sitting with Ryleigh last year on the airplane while she screamed her cute little butt off! Besides, it's a pain not to have a car when traveling.

Then, a month later, Laura, LeAnn and Ally are coming to visit for the 4th of July/LeAnn's birthday/our 4th anniversary. It will be a weekend of chillin in the pool, relaxing, hanging out with the kiddos, watching fireworks and enjoying ourselves.

Picking strawberries at the farm across from our house is absolutely my favorite thing to do!
Don't the girls look cute walking in a row with their baskets?!