Saturday, April 12, 2008

Let's Paint the bathroom!

Why not have a painting/margarita party on a Friday night? So that's what we did. I decided I wanted to paint Ryleigh's bathroom. Blue. Major change from the neutral color it was. Here it is..

Hello floating head

Josh says margaritas and Courtney painting do not go well together

I know, it's really Blue!

On another note, I am so excited for the Taste of Addison, The Black Crowes will be headlining. I LOVE them! I am trying to convice Josh we need to go see them in November in New York. We'll see.


Sarah said...

Love it, looks happier. Ry gets two sinks?? I'm jealous.

Kym said...

So cute and fun! I love your new flooring too. How fun for yoou guys to get to make your home yours! Hope to see you all soon!