Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

What a great day! We started out the day with Ryleigh hunting inside for Easter eggs, she loved it and was laughing everytime she found an egg, because the Easter bunny is so funny to hide all of the eggs! It is so much fun now that she understands holidays and is amazed by them...i.e. she kept on asking about the Easter Bunny and wouldn't he be so tired from hopping to everyone's houses? I love these traditions that we can pass down to our kids. My parents celebrated almost everything and made it fun and something to look forward to so I hope Ry will appriciate them someday like I do now. Wow, I am feeling quited sentimental this evening. So, then we had a yummy breakfast casserole and then went to church. Our church held another egg hunt after the service with 35,000 eggs. (yes, you read that correctly). We came home and the family came over for lunch/dinner. I am starting to really enjoy cooking for everyone. I made my 2nd turkey (the first was for Christmas) and both turned out pretty good! I feel so blessed to be surrounded by wonderful family and friends and I have so much to be thankful for.

My loves!

Aunt Jess and Ryleigh

It's raining eggs!

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