Friday, March 28, 2008

Hello Mexico!

24 hours from this very moment I will be checking into my hotel, getting my suit on, and hopefully be chillin out by the pool, (with the nearest swim up bar within arms reach.) I cannot tell you how excited I am. I miss my Mn girls so much and I cannot wait to see everyone. And to top it all off, I have the week off when we come back. It will be just me and my RyBug hanging out together. I will be sure to take many pictures and probably post them on a slide show when we get back. Good-bye Dallas, Hello Mexico!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

What a great day! We started out the day with Ryleigh hunting inside for Easter eggs, she loved it and was laughing everytime she found an egg, because the Easter bunny is so funny to hide all of the eggs! It is so much fun now that she understands holidays and is amazed by them...i.e. she kept on asking about the Easter Bunny and wouldn't he be so tired from hopping to everyone's houses? I love these traditions that we can pass down to our kids. My parents celebrated almost everything and made it fun and something to look forward to so I hope Ry will appriciate them someday like I do now. Wow, I am feeling quited sentimental this evening. So, then we had a yummy breakfast casserole and then went to church. Our church held another egg hunt after the service with 35,000 eggs. (yes, you read that correctly). We came home and the family came over for lunch/dinner. I am starting to really enjoy cooking for everyone. I made my 2nd turkey (the first was for Christmas) and both turned out pretty good! I feel so blessed to be surrounded by wonderful family and friends and I have so much to be thankful for.

My loves!

Aunt Jess and Ryleigh

It's raining eggs!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Random pictures

Just wanted to share a couple of pictures that I thought were cute...We worked outside on Saturday from 10 until 3. It was nice to get that out of the way so we won't have to worry about yard stuff when we get back from Mexico. I am SO excited to have a week away. So anyway, Ryleigh was such a great helper. She pulled weeds, watered plants, and helped Josh wash the cars. Sunday we went to see Horton hears a who! Which was cute, "A person is a person, no matter how small." This was a big milestone for Ryleigh...she made it through the movie without having to go potty a million times! We left there and went dress shopping...finally found the one for the wedding. A huge stress off of my mind. So besides tying up a few odds and ends, we are ready for this trip!

Ready with all of her gardening tools

How cute is that booty?!

Putting on makeup, muah!

Friday, March 14, 2008

What a LOOOONG week!

I am so glad it's over! What a difference a few days makes. I am fine with the dog situations, and just looking forward to the next few weeks, months, whatever. I think it's the beautiful almost 90 degree day we had today that makes me want to get ready for summer. I ordered Ryleigh a bed from Overstock last week, it was delivered today and Josh put that together. I then noticed her broken bookcase (no wonder, it was 20 dollars at Target). So we threw that out, then I started to notice the 500 McCrap toys laying around so I threw those away too! I am now ready to go through her closet and put all of her winter clothes in a bin and get the spring/summer clothes out. I really have to take advantage of these sudden but rare bursts of energy cause they don't last long.

Tomorrow we are doing yard stuff, fertilizing, feeding flowers, pulling weeds, I really feel old right now....then we are taking Ryleigh to see Horton hears a Who! I love family movie days. Really, I just love weekends spent with the family. Next we are off to some friends for dinner and the kiddos will play.

I checked the pool today, it's now up to a whooping 62 degrees! Here are some random pics from the week.
Watching the clouds roll by...
Ice cream, Yipee!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I miss my Charlie

I am still trying to convince myself that we did the right thing by giving Charlie away. Everyone I talk to says we did, but I still feel like I have abandoned one of my kids. Josh and I talked at length last night about the situation and he feels like Charlie is not an aggressive dog. I did a lot of research online last night about "Springer rage" and the aggression they can show. Most comments left by people were the same feelings Josh and I have for our dogs, they are the best! Although there were a few that said not good with kids, but really ANY breed can not be good with kids. I guess it just depends on the dog. Everytime I think about it, I cry. Jack did get to go over to play with him for the day today and will again tomorrow while our fence is being fixed so that's good. I'm just afraid it's going to be traumatic for both of them again when Josh picks up Jack tonight. We are trying to show Jack SO much love and attention, but you can tell he is just so sad. He runs outside to look for Charlie and will stare out the window.

Okay, so I need to focus on something else....Here is where we are going in 17 days!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Another sad day...

Today we had to say goodbye to one of our family members. Don't worry, it's not Ryleigh! It's our youngest dog Charlie. He has been acting aggressively towards Jack lately, growling at him for no reason. I actually woke up this morning to him growling at Jack, it was very strange. So anyway, I brought Charlie to the vet this morning for regular shots and checkup stuff and asked the vet about the growling. He told me that it was probably a case of "little man syndrome" being that he weighs about 20lbs less than Jack. So we get home and Charlie is laying on the floor, I don't know if he was sleeping yet or just trying to go to sleep, but Ryleigh was playing on the floor next to him and she tried to touch him or something and he bit her. He didn't break the skin and she was fine, it just scared her....but it was right above her eye. So, that was it, he had to go. I feel so bad for Jack, he is really gonna miss Charlie but I have had concerns about this and I do not feel comfortable having him in the house with kiddos. There is a silver lining to this crappy day, however. Maw Maw has been looking to get a dog soon. And she recently moved right around the corner from us, literally. She loves Charlie and wanted to take him so I packed up his stuff, shed a few tears, and brought him over to her house. This really was a blessing I feel, now we'll be able to see him almost every day. We can walk Jack over to play with him, and Charlie can come over and play here, and I know he's in good hands! He was really confused when we left, whining and barking, but at least I didn't have to bring him to a shelter! That would have been really hard for me, especially with Josh being in Vegas this weekend. Anyway, I hope this works out for everyone. He really is a perfect dog for Maw Maw. Thankfully, this didn't scare Ryleigh away from dogs or even Charlie. I just had to explain to her that we can't have a dog in the house that bites. She seemed fine with it, and we still have Jack. He is the BEST dog and deserves more attention anyway. My mom said it best, It's like the bad kid in class that gets all of the attention and the good ones are left with none.

I will be happy to pick up Josh tomorrow night, I miss him!

Monday, March 3, 2008

My baby is a big girl

So today was the big day of signing Ryleigh up for preschool. Josh and I decided to enroll her in the preschool program at our church. We have heard only great things about it and she is familiar with where it is. So I got up this morning and stood in line for 2, yes 2 hours, to get her in for the start of next school year. She'll be going monday, wednesday, and fridays from 9 to noon. I guess I can part with her for a few hours during the day. And who knows, maybe there will be another Smith in the house by then, well not by August because that would be impossible, but you know what I mean! I know she's going to love it...she wants to start now.

On another note, I won't be able to go to Vegas this weekend with Josh. I waited to long for tickets to get cheaper and they went up way too much. He's bummed but I know he'll have a great time. And we have a week long trip to Mexico coming up in less than a month. I am going to get into's supposed to snow here tonight. Yesterday it was 75. Texas weather is crazy!