Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Today is a sad, sad day.

I'm sure you're wondering why today is so sad. It's because my next door neighbors are moving back to Illinois. It's a bummer for me and Ryleigh especially because Chrissy is also a stay at home mama and Jaxson and RyRy (as Jaxson calls her) have become good buddies too. We had our "Last Supper" together last night at El Chico, until next time, which who knows when that will be. But I hope they have a great move home and I am grateful to have really great new people in our lives.

We have a new scanner, printer, copier thingy and I am so tempted to scan really old pictures and put them up here. I will have to play around with it to see how to do it. Thanks Ralph and Debbie!

Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow everyone! I get to go on a date, I am so excited, even though I have no idea what we're doing. All I know is that it will be kid free!

Makena and Ryleigh. BFF.

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sarah said...

Poor Ry... I remember the feeling of a good friend leaving at a very young age. Sometimes it never goes away. Eew.